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V-Blog: Infidelity Will Tell Your Partners That You Are A Sleaze


Working in film production is non-stop entrepreneurship all the time. Cheating will tell your partners that you can’t be trusted.

V-Blog: Drug Abuse and Alcohol: The Best Things That Ever Happened to My Hollywood Career


Working in film production is like drinking from a firehose. An addict, at some point, will create gaps for hardworking and ambitious co-workers to fill.

V-Blog: The Truth About Casting: It Doesn’t Happen in a Hotel Room or Some Sleazy Producer’s House


We have all heard about the “casting couch” and the alleged sleazy behavior of Harvey Weinstein. For years, it is alleged that he pressured women into sex in exchange for roles and jobs in film. He supposedly boosted the careers of women…

V-Blog: How to Spot a Hollywood Con Man


Avoid the Hollywood Con Man! They will steal your time and money. The first step in avoiding them – learn how to spot them.

V-Blog: Hollywood Can be a Swamp, But I Love It!


There is no clear path to success in Hollywood and before you can make your dream job or project happen, the first step will be to wade thru the sleaze, the hype, and the lies – that’s no small task in Hollywood. In time and with experience, it will become easier – I promise.

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