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V-Blog: Infidelity Will Tell Your Partners That You Are A Sleaze

Working in film production is non-stop entrepreneurship all the time. Cheating will tell your partners that you can’t be trusted.

Cheaters are telling you that they cannot be trusted. Listen to their actions and avoid putting them in positions of power. They WILL hose you!! Share on X

Read the full article: Drug Abuse, Alcohol, and Infidelity: The Best Things That Ever Happened to My Hollywood Career

Before I start criticizing other people’s love life, let me be clear that I don’t claim to be good at it either. I’m divorced. I’ve had countless girlfriends. Not because I’m a serious player, but because I can’t seem to make relationships work.   To me, the idea of staying in one relationship is hard enough. Managing multiple simultaneous relationships is insane and way above my skill level.

But what I do know: if you openly cheat on your spouse (or partner), then you are telling everyone you know, “I can’t be trusted.”  Trust is the foundation of any relationship – including business.

Free download: How to Avoid Hollywood’s Culture of Substance Abuse and Unfaithfulness

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