The Hollywood Con Man Is Back At Work (as if they stopped in the first place)

The Con Queen, if you let her, will steal your money and your time. She has even been getting dudes to talk dirty to her on the phone. WTF is that?

There is a woman who’s been going around Hollywood representing senior Executives and stealing money from newbies, the unaware and the trusting.  She has been nicknamed the Con Queen.

There are many examples of people being conned in Hollywood, but this one seems exceptionally brazen and filthy. The best way to avoid the Hollywood Con Man is to remember a few very important facts:

  • We never pay for access to Hollywood
  • I have NEVER paid money to have someone raise capital for a project
  • If a scumbag asks you for money to work on a project – IT IS A CON
  • In every single circumstance, across my entire 30-plus year career, I have only RECEIVED money for the purpose of making movies and TV – I HAVE NEVER PAID
  • When I travel for a project, I am given a round-trip ticket to the location and home.  If you are not given a ticket for the first travel legs or both – don’t go!  In fact, I would recommend, that you get a return ticket as well.
  • When we travel more than 60 miles from our home base, we are given a per diem in advance and if not in advance we get it the day we land at the production office.

The common thread: I have never paid to work on a show.  I have, however, worked for free over a short period of time, and only as a favor to someone who I know or have had some experience with. If you’re new and you’re willing to work for free, don’t do it forever. I don’t generally recommend it.  If a project can’t afford to hire a PA, then you don’t want to be working with those people.  You can find my thoughts about how to avoid the Hollywood Con Man and free work in a recent VBlog: V-Blog: How to Spot a Hollywood Con Man

I have NEVER paid to gain access to or work in Hollywood. DO NOT DO IT!' Share on X

Follow the money. If you’re not working on a project paid for by a studio or a network or an OTT or a significant Financier in Hollywood get everything in advance (with the possible exception of one week’s pay) or in escrow and if any additional pay does not come – WALK OUT, go home – you’re about to be conned!

In addition to the bullet points above, see my detailed thoughts on how to avoid the Hollywood Con Man in a recent Article: How to Spot a Hollywood Con Man

Here’s a recent article on how this Con Man (Queen) is operating – from Variety  – and another from the same reporter, Scott Johnson, who is doing some great work on this criminal.


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