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V-Blog: How to Spot a Hollywood Con Man

Avoid the Hollywood Con Man! They will steal your time and money. The first step in avoiding them – learn how to spot them.

Anyone who’s desperate for a quick rise to fame is a potential target for the Hollywood Con Man. Share on X

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I worked for over 20 year in Hollywood before the Con Man skipped town on $100K of my fee.  What a fucking pain and a complete disappointment.  My fault was letting greed get in the way of the little voice in my head that kept saying run from this d-bag, he’s a crook.  You can read about it in my book – A Hollywood Accounting..

Did the Hollywood Con Man get your time or money – I want to hear your story!  Send your story thru the “Pick My Brain” app in the footer below. I will post them on the site as we get and review them.

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