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V-Blog: Drug Abuse and Alcohol: The Best Things That Ever Happened to My Hollywood Career

Working in film production is like drinking from a firehose. An addict, at some point, will create gaps for hardworking and ambitious co-workers to fill.

When you work around people with messy personal lives, they create gaps for hardworking and ambitious people to fill. Share on X

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How did drugs and alcohol help my career – simple: They weren’t my drugs and alcohol. I’ve worked with plenty of drunks and addicts throughout my career, and eventually the alcohol and drug abuse catch up with them. Disrupting their careers and preventing them from finding success.

We’ve heard the advice a million times, “You shouldn’t drink or do drugs, because those activities are physically and mentally unhealthy” but it has never stopped many people from abusing both.

So, here’s some better advice: Don’t abuse drugs and alcohol!

Look, do whatever the fuck you want – but know that an ambitious kid down the hall, or right next to you, will fill the void you create while you’re face down in a puddle of your own warm vomit.

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