A Hollywood Career Explained: A Comprehensive Guide To Starting And Building A Career In Hollywood

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This book will guide new and young professionals who want to build a durable network of executives and hiring managers who actually make show in film and television. The book is a comprehensive guide to building and maintaining a durable network of professionals who actually make movies and TV shows.

The process begins with understanding how the industry is organized, who the players are that make the kind of shows that you want to work on and then picking a set of executives to target for your next production job.



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In 1985, when I started working in entertainment, all I wanted was to run a Hollywood studio (and, of course, the glamorous lifestyle that comes along with the job).

The next 15 years were focused on doing nothing but pursuing that goal.  At age 30, I was the Head of Production for Harpo Films; and with each rung I climbed higher up the ladder, I was closer to achieving my dreams.

It took another 10 years, and the prospect of flying myself out of Mexico as a fugitive, for me to realize that what I wanted as an 18 year-old no longer existed.  The business had changed and what I now wanted as a 40-year-old was to live a life that had roots – and nothing to do with the inside of a plane, a hotel, or an airport. 

After working in the trenches of film production at the highest levels for almost 25 years, successfully avoiding the Hollywood Con Man, my own greed finally got the best of me.

This book is my story.

One part memoir.  One part cautionary tale.  And at times unbelievable.

Now dedicated to helping young hungry dreamers & tech millionaires avoid sinking their hard earned money (or easy) into a lousy film investment that will NEVER see a single penny returned. I take you on an adventure that will help you navigate and participate in Hollywood without being ripped off.  A unique roadmap for how not to get duped in Hollywood.