Start Forms for Cast & Crew in Film Production

The start forms given to people in film production. You need to fill them out to get paid. If you don’t, you will not get paid.

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W4 Explained (For Freelance Cast And Crew)

For decades, crew members have asked me this question – Should I fill out single and nine or married and nine?

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How To Get A Payment Out Of The Production Accounting Office

There are four (4) ways to get a payment out of the production accounting office. They are: 1) Payroll; 2) Check request; 3)
Petty cash: 4) Purchase order (PO)

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How Does Production Accounting Keep Track of Your Petty Cash Float?

Cash Money!

What is Petty Cash (PC) and how can you avoid getting hosed by a producer when you are asked to buy materials with cash?

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10 Pro Petty Cash Tips

My 10 pro tips and tutorials, will teach you how to make sure your receipts will clear accounting and help get you reimbursed for every penny.

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