Red Flags a Film Production is Going to Screw the Crew

Film Production is Going to Screw the Crew

I’m fortunate that I’ve been screwed by a producer on only a few occasions, but one screwed me so hard I still have dreams about it. That’s a story for another day. That incident made me so sensitive that I’ve become hyper-vigilant. Plus I see and hear people getting screwed all the time in Hollywood. Sadly, this is an easy industry for people with the money – or the illusion of money – to really fuck over hardworking people. They make a few promises one day. The company is gone the next. I only work for quality producers these days because I know what to look for. If a production doesn’t appear to be well funded and thoughtfully managed, I get the fuck out. (Or rather, I never take the job in the first place.) The best teacher is experience, they say. The second best teacher is someone else’s experience. Here are some red flags that signal a producer is going to screw you. Consider bailing on the production if you see these. [content_upgrade cu_id=”751″]Free Download: 10 Signs That Production Company Has a Cash Problem[content_upgrade_button]Click Here[/content_upgrade_button][/content_upgrade] Red Flag #1: Your Pay Doesn’t Arrive on Time Labor is usually a producer’s…

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3 Ways Money Inevitably Bleeds Out of a Production

Film production

An important part of producing movies – or working anywhere creating content, really – is fighting unpreparedness, larceny, and fraud. We probably can’t eliminate them (unless there’s a magic wand I’m unaware of), but we can ease their influence on a production.

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